Reminder About Citation Resources

Hello All,

Remember that for your Marx research paper, you have to find ONE reliable outside source of information to help you write your paper.  You then need to give the citation (publishing info) for this source in MLA format at the end of your paper.  We talked about this quite a bit in class.

I told you that the rules for MLA citation have recently changed, so the information you randomly find on the internet about citation may not be good anymore.  Below are some ACCURATE places where you can figure out how  to cite.

CLICK HERE for the guide to the new MLA 8th edition citation format from the BMCC library.

CLICK HERE for the citation maker KnightCite – you just type in the info and it give you the correct MLA citation

CLICK HERE for another good citation maker, EasyBib 

CLICK HERE for the MLA website with info about the new citation format.

Finally, CLICK HERE to buy the new MLA handbook, which will tell you everything you need to know about citation and writing research papers.

CLICK HERE for a post where I showed you how to cite from a website.

Hope this all is helpful,

Prof. Jaime Weida






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